Suicide, Depression, and Vacation Bible School


Suicide has dominated the headlines of late with Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Suicide is a sensitive subject but I feel I must write about it because:

  • I understand the torment of depression accompanied by many
  • I have helped people struggling with suicidal tendencies
  • Close friends of mine have been affected by it

The deaths of these two successful individuals remind us that you can seem to have everything in the world but be empty. Also, you can pretend that all is well, yet be hurting deeply. What does Vacation Bible School have to do with this? These two deaths happened the very same week my church had our annual VBS. The lessons pointed to the truth that Jesus gives us everything we need. One lesson was on Lazarus, the one Jesus called out of the tomb and resurrected from the dead. It is a reminder that Jesus has power over all things. Because Jesus is alive, there is always reason for hope.

If you are struggling with depression, or contemplating suicide, don’t lose hope. Jesus is alive. He has the power to deliver you from your torments. He can give you what you need: Hope, joy, worth and value, something to believe in, and deep, unconditional love. If you are depressed or discouraged, tell someone. Get help. Ask God to get you through another day. If you know someone struggling, don’t be judgmental. Respond to them with the love of Christ. No one has a perfect life. Let’s not pretend that all is great. Let’s be real, honest, and open. Let’s hold one another up in this often difficult journey called life.


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  1. Great thoughts Jason….you and Lori will always remain a treasure of my heart.

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