How to Make the Most of 2020

5cea73331209e-768x546Happy New Year! Did you make any resolutions? Time management is key to making the most of the New Year. To make the most of 2020, make the most of your time, and use it for what really matters. You want to lose weight, but are worried there isn’t time in the day to exercise or eat healthy. You want to read the Bible more, but you’re not sure when you can do it. Of course you want to spend more time with your family, but when? Someone once said, “Time flies, but you’re the pilot.” We all have more than enough time for what really matters. If you really want this year to be special, do this: Put your phone down for a little while, pause Netflix, step away from the news and Facebook. Spend that time on what really matters. Just imagine if you did this for an hour a day, how that would radically change your year, your life! Just redeeming an hour each day will give you 15 “extra” days in 2020, time to work on you, your family, and your walk with God. If you were even more radical, put aside two hours a day, and a solid month would magically appear in 2020. Remember, “Time flies, but you’re the pilot.” Get in the cockpit, take the wheel, and soar to new heights in 2020!


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