I love to work, but struggle with resting.

I know how to work

I have been working most of my life. When I do work, I give it my all. What I struggle with is not working.

It’s easier for me to work than rest

After work, I go home and work on the house. On a day off, after resting for an hour or two, I need something to do. While on vacation it takes several days just to unwind. Is it just me, or are you like this, too?

8 Reasons we don’t Rest

  • Something always needs to be done
  • We feel useless or guilty when we aren’t productive
  • Our identity/sense of self-worth is wrongly connected to productivity
  • Our minds are never silent or still
  • The adrenaline factory is running 24/7
  • Busyness distracts from the problems of life, so rest intimidates us
  • Maybe we don’t realize the importance of rest
  • Maybe we don’t know how to rest

So, how do we rest?

I am still learning how to rest, but this is what I have observed:

  • If your job drains you physically, rest by doing something mental.
  • If your job drains you mentally, rest by doing something physical.

I find rest in exercise, writing, music, and being with my family. Whatever gives you rest, don’t feel guilty.

We need to rest. We aren’t robots!

Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”


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