7 Ways to Rekindle Passion for God


How passionate are you about God? Do you truly love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? Are you excited about worshiping Him? Serving Him? Living for Him? We are passionate about sports, entertainment, and our children or grandchildren. To be honest, we often lack passion for God. I just preached about the passion of Caleb, see Joshua 14. He was a man that followed God with his all. No matter what, he burned with passion for God. I lack that passion for God at times. I assume you do to. Here are some ways to rekindle that passion for God: 

  1. Pray, seek God, ask Him to relight your fire 
  2. Get in the Word, not to just check a box or out of guilt, but to truly encounter God 
  3. Confess sins, Psalm 51 is a great guide 
  4. Worship God, sing to the Lord at church and during the week 
  5. Step our of your comfort zone, do something that requires bold faith 
  6. Get some rest, maybe you just need a nap 
  7. Surrender to the Holy Spirit, let Him rule in your heart and life 


4 responses

  1. Well said brother, preach it up Jason!

  2. Jason, I love the simplicity with which you write whilst conveying a deeply important message…life skill in this case! Thank you!

    1. Jason McNaughten | Reply

      Thanks Terra I appreciate it. I hope your transition back to England is going well. Tell Ryan hello.

      1. We are feeling right at home, thank you! Ryan says hello too!

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