Everyone is Going through Something

LOVE-SOCIAL3-1200x630Everyone is going through something. That statement was recently penned by Kevin Love, a professional basketball player. Love publicly acknowledged his struggle with panic attacks. It was difficult for him to recognize and admit. Love is wealthy and healthy. What does he have to worry about? Kevin Love is human just like all of us. He has his own problems, worries, and fears. If you are going through a tough time, you are in good company. Everyone has tough times. I remember openly sharing my struggles with depression. People thought, “You are a pastor, a man of faith. You have no reason to be depressed.” Pastors are human too. So are pro athletes. So too are stay-at-home moms, plumbers, and engineers. If you are not struggling right now, be mindful of others. You might interact with someone today who is anxious, depressed, or weary. Have patience. Have compassion. Have some sympathy too. Life is not easy. Just know, in Christ, there is always reason for hope. Keep pressing on!

I encourage you to read Love’s article here: Kevin Love Article



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