An Idol in Your Pocket?


Do you carry an idol in your pocket? You don’t have a literal carving of a god, or a statue, but you might have a false god with you. It is easy for your smart phone to become an idol.  It is ever present, in your pocket or by your side. It is ever knowing, just Google it. It is all powerful too, always calling out to us, demanding a response, demanding our worship.  A phone is not intrinsically bad, but we can become more attached to our phone than to God. When you lose your phone, or it’s damaged, how do you feel? You feel lost, anxious, and helpless. Something is not quite right. That is how we should feel about God, not our phone.

Siri and Google are not the ultimate source of information. God is. Social media cannot fill your relationship void. God will. You-Tube will not satisfy your soul. Only God can. Maybe consider fasting from your phone for a while. Stop checking Facebook. Seek His face. Don’t turn to Google. Turn to God. Listen to Yahweh, not You-tube. Get off Snapchat and chat with God!


2 thoughts on “An Idol in Your Pocket?

  1. Great info Jason. I’m still amazed at what you write and where you are today. I would have never thought you would be in this position today. Oh but, I am so thankful you allow God to speak through you and use you. God bless and keep you and your family. Salli

    • Thanks Mrs. Salli. All I can say is God is good! He uses us far more than we could ever dream or imagine. I hope all is well with your family.

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